Government distribution and taxation for medical problems
associated with drug use 

Purpose: Cut out all middle men between the drug manufacturers and the final consumers. The government would distribute the drugs to pharmacies at the actual cost the government pays for the drugs. The pharmacies would be allowed by law to mark the drug up by only 10%. The drug user would be required to sign a document evidencing that they have been made aware of all the negative side effects. The document would also be a waiver of all rights the user would otherwise have to the public healthcare system if he or she becomes ill as a result of consumption of a drug. Public healthcare for drug related illness would be financed by a healthcare tax on the drugs. The tax rate would be determined annually in much the same way as insurance premiums but without the profit component.

Convert the DEA and all other narcotics divisions to anti-terrorist, anti-child molestation, and anti-violence divisions. 

Purpose: To use the intelligence training these groups have already received and put it to the invaluable use of declaring war on terrorism, child molestation and violence.

Mandatory life in prison for rape, murder, and child molestation.

Purpose: To insure that no one in the free world ever comes in contact with a person who has been convicted of one of these crimes. We will put an end to previously convicted repeat offenders. LIFE IN PRISON will mean LIFE IN PRISON and the only basis for pardon or commutation of sentence will be innocence.

Mandatory drug and health education from kindergarten through 12th grade.

Purpose: To insure that adults have the proper educational background to make scientifically intelligent choices about what drugs and foods to consume or not consume. The long term effect should be a reduction of the burden on our health care system. The education will be fact based and not driven by emotion or prejudice. Every drug will be evaluated and rated according to how high it gets a consumer, how long the high lasts, how physically addictive the drug is, how psychologically addictive the drug is, what parts of the body are negatively impacted by use of the drug, whether or not a user of the drug is more likely to have problems with work, school and family relations, whether the drug reduces criminal or sexual inhibitions and whether or not users are more likely to have relationship problems. A similar breakdown of all foods would be part of this comprehensive education plan.

Create a two tiered prison system whereby tier one gives a large amount of freedom to its residents and tier two is an inexpensive, small quartered, lock down facility.

Purpose: To reduce the burden society has to bear to keep certain criminals from coming in contact with the free world and to give these criminals the opportunity to lead as normal a life as possible without coming in contact with the free world. The Tier 2 residents would occupy a farm whereby every activity is monitored via camera. The farm would be virtually self sufficient and as long as the prisoners behave they remain there. If they prove incapable of proper behavior they are moved to Tier 1. Depending on the offense committed in Tier 2 they may or may not become eligible for return to Tier 2 after a stay in Tier 1.